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Magic Souffle: Cronut Maker Strikes Again

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Magic Souffle: Cronut Maker Strikes Again

Ansel Creates a Magic Souffle

Dominuque Ansel, the creator of the donut + croissant Hybrid 'The Cronut' - has struck once again from his New York based bakery this time developing a dessert he's calling the magic souffle.

The creation includes a souffle which is encased inside a square brioche. The brioche is infused with orange blossom water and Ansel intends the little treats to be sold fresh and consumed warm.

Anyway who thought the pastry chef was a one hit wonder with the cronut is wrong. He's already developed his own variety of the S'more and it seems he's keen to keep pushing the boundaries, developing interesting new combinations and desserts in his test kitchen.

What desserts would you most like Ansel to customize?



Via Food Beast

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