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MAD Symposium Theme and Dates Announced

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MAD Symposium Theme and Dates Announced

The MAD Symposium, a food conference in Copenhagen organized by René Redzepi and his friends, has announced the dates and theme for their upcoming 2014 event. MAD 2014 will focus on a theme of "what is cooking?" with the symposium co-curated by the Brazilian chef Alex Atala.

An announcement on the MAD website reads: "In many ways, this is an incredible time to be a cook. The public has taken an interest in our traditionally blue-collar trade, opening doors previous generations could never have imagined.

"But the more attention our industry receives from television, film, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, the less clear it becomes what it means to cook. A path to celebrity, a means of attaining fortune – the past decade has given rise to a great many things that we know cooking is not. Our goal for MAD4 is to remind ourselves what cooking is."

A date for ticket sales or line up for the event have not yet been announced.

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