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Watch a Noodle Master at MAD4 Symposium

By FDL on

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Watch a Noodle Master at MAD4 Symposium

Here’s the first video from this year’s Mad 4 event organised in Copenhagen by Rene Redzepi and curated this year by the Brazilian chef Alex Atala. The first video shows a true master at work as Tatsuru Rai, owner of the Sobatei Rakuichi restaurant in Niseko, Hokkaido, makes his custom soba noodles by hand.

This really is a man who has completely conquered his craft as he rhythmically rolls the buckwheat, before wrapping it round the rolling pin to make it as thing as possible.

After the mix has been worked Rai sets about slicing the noodles by hand and the accuracy at which he does it is just amazing, so thing so perfect - a must watch.

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