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Unique Macaron Flavors from Pierre Herme

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Unique Macaron Flavors from Pierre Herme

If you haven't heard of the French pastry chef Pierre Herme then you've most probably been living in a cave for the past 10 years.

He's one of the best in the business and is most famous for his wonderfully light, crispy and beautifully flavored macarons.

Herme really is the top of the French pastry ladder, someone who is constantly looking for new flavor combinations and kitchen techniques.

As part of this search the chef has recently announced his new macaroons for 2013.  The ‘Les Jardins’ collection was recently unveiled in London and the team from Not Cot were there to sample the delights.

Caramel and rose, apple, mint, cucumber and roquette, lime and red berries and chocolate with smoked salt are just a selection of the wonderful new flavors being released next year - can you really ask for much more in a macaron.


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    Really great news, but it's a shame that whoever wrote this article could not distinguish between the classic French Macaron and the Pyramid shaped coconut Macaroon.

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