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Famous French Pastry Chef Creates the Macaronut

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Famous French Pastry Chef Creates the Macaronut

In a bid to celebrate Macaron Day, the famed pastry chef Francois Payard has gone all Dominique Ansel and created his very own donut/macaron hybrid.

The ‘Macaronut’ - we know there’s probably a better name for this - was unveiled by Payard whose team say he was inspired by the hybrid pastries coming out of America in the last few years.

The outside of the pastry is the same as a macaron but the filling is where things change. Rather than the thin slather of icing one would normally expect to find in the middle of a macron, the Macaronut is packed with a ‘fluffier’ filling that mimics a donut.

Apparently they take a full day to make as the ganache style filling must be left to soak into the macrons crispy exterior.

Macaron day is March 20th and Payard’s team say the Macaronut will go on sale at his New York locations starting Sunday. Who knows if they’ll spark some cronut style queues? 

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