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The $8 Ice Cube

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The $8 Ice Cube

If you’re tired of “less deserving ice” in your glass and feel the need to splurge, how about replacing your scraggy, regular, tap water ice cubes with these luxury “high-end” cubes of perfectly clear ice. Cubes so fine they need to be aged for 3-4 minutes before using and ice so tasteless it wouldn’t dare interfere with the flavour of your drink.

The idea of the high-end ice is the brainchild of Roberto Sequeira who created the Gläce Luxury Ice company after a attending a business lecture at UCLA. 5o cubes of Gläce cost $325 and, as crazy at it might sound, the company have already been contracted to provide their ice at a number of high profile parties.

The 2.5 inch cubes are cut from 300-lbs blocks of ice, ice that’s frozen from the outside in using a special technique that moves the water as it’s freezing, letting gases in the centre escape. Once the water is nearly frozen, the remaining liquid is drained and new layers of water sprayed in - and you thought adding lemonade to ice cubes was cool.

We guess these are for the down right crazy rich, the down right stupid or for people who really can appreciate the taste, or, tastelessness, of a superior block of ice.

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