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This Gadget Will Improve Your Food Pictures

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This Gadget Will Improve Your Food Pictures

If you're series about taking pictures of your food using a DSLR or analogue camera then you'll know just how important light settings can be.

As every restaurants light setting vary so do the setting on your cam - especially if you want to capture the perfect, mouthwatering shot.

A light meter is a great way to asses the light on a subject, such as a plate of food, and then use this information to decide exactly what settings on your camera will obtain the optimum shot.

They're a great tool used by many professional photographers but they can be a little expensive. This is why the team at Luxi developed a clip on light sensor for the phone. It costs $29.99 and will show you exactly what type and how much light is hitting your chosen target - from here you can quickly adjust your cameras settings and snap away.

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