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Luigi Taglienti's Pasta Salad is 'Live From Milan' | Video

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Luigi Taglienti's Pasta Salad is 'Live From Milan' | Video
Photo Davide Zanoni

It's Day 2 of S.Pellegrino Live From Milan and we've already seen the amazing food of great chefs Davide Scabin and Massimo Bottura. This time around we were introduced to the third chef in line: Luigi Taglienti from the legendary Milanese restaurant Trussardi alla Scala. The chef presented his unique take on spaghetti to an eager audience.

a video by Fine Dining Lovers

Taglienti wowed the crowd with his gourmet Pasta Salad while speaking about family and tradition and family. Since it's nearly impossible to recreate his nonna's classic pasta salad, which she typically served on warm days, Taglienti changed things up by adding a pleasant dose of acidity: here is the full recipe of his spaghetti with carrot and grapefruit juice.

Instead of tomato, the chef featured a grapefruit supreme, carrot and red pepper-infused oil with cold spaghetti.

Among the dishes served in the exclusive dining area was Taglienti's signature dish Bianco e Nero di Seppia

Next up will be Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, Enrico Cerea, and Davide Oldani, who will participate in the closing ceremony at Live From Milan this Sunday. 

Foto by Davide Zanoni

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