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Lucky Peach Honors The Apocalypse

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Lucky Peach Honors The Apocalypse
Photo McSweeney's

Where you disappointed by the failed predictions of the Apocalypse? Then check out the latest edition of David Chang's Lucky PeachThe quarterly, which is published by McSweeney's, is divided in two parts: before and after the End of Time. 

Part one features food author Michael Pollan talking about problems and solution to our food crisis, a visit to a sustainable 3D ocean farm and tips on how to stock your bomb shelter.

Part two gives us a ''frankenchicken'' recipe by Magnus Nilsson in 2034, a guide to surviving the Apocalypse by eating your pets, making butter and producing your own honey. There's also a nifty tutorial on how to bake bread in a postapocalyptic oven.

If you're a big fan of Lucky Peach, don't miss out on the publication's Tumblr, which features daily updates on what the creative team is up to.

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