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Gaston Acurio's New 'Fire Themed' Restaurant

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Gaston Acurio's New 'Fire Themed' Restaurant
Gaston Acurio has confirmed plans to open a new restaurant in Lima with a particular focus on the use of fire. 
Speaking to Fine Dining Lovers during an event for the relocation of his historic Astrid y Gaston restaurant in Lima, the Peruvian chef revealed he’s found a 750 sq meter venue with plans to build a space for around 120-150 people. 
Called Los Valientes, meaning ‘the brave’, Acurio said he’s having a lot of fun working on the new concept. 
“It’s a celebration of fire because fire started cooking and changed the history of humanity,” explained the chef, adding: “When the customer thinks of fire it’s usually just the grill so we’re building all these different fires. Ovens, roasted fires, spit fires, big cylinders like the Chinese ones. We’ll cook vegetables, fish and meats, all very organic from small producers, lots of catches of the day but always celebrating the idea of the importance of fire in cooking.” 
The new restaurant will look to cater for all walks of life and almost every kind of dining need, Acurio said, "people can do their own meal for the moment, for the budget they have and anyone is welcome - if you want a specialist farmed steak or a simple empanada. It's cooking for the pleasure of cooking.” 
The casual concept will also feature a large bar serving a range of beers, wines by the glass and a number of different Piscos. No confimed opening dates are yet available but the place is expected sometime in 2014. 
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