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The World’s Longest Pub Crawl

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The World’s Longest Pub Crawl

The pub crawl, so called for its effect on participants’ ability to walk upright come the end, often only takes in a handful of pubs on route due to very nature of the task at hand, unless you’re on some sort of organised fresher’s week binge or ill-advised holiday club outing and have an excitable drinking supervisor on hand.

Nothing like this at least: a 45,000 km, 27,000-stop pub crawl around the UK, as plotted by a group of international mathematicians.

Their interactive map utilises Google Maps and features all the pubs listed in UK pub guide Pubs Galore. It took two years to plot and is based on the shortest walking distance between each stop, as well as scheduled ferry routes to reach the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the Scottish Isles for instance.

The greatest distance between stops is 435 km – from the "Sango Sands Oasis in Durness to the Bells But & Ben in Shetland," a 50-hour trip that includes two ferry rides.

We’re not sure how long it would theoretically take to cover the entire route, but may we suggest you stick to shandy (beer and lemonade) if you want to last the distance.

See the interactive map here.

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