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Strange Videos with Chefs and Logs Appear Online

By FDL on

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Strange Videos with Chefs and Logs Appear Online

Editor's Note: New videos have been appearing online daily and this post has been updated accordingly. 

A series of strange videos featuring chefs stroking wooden logs have appeared online and no one seems to know why.

A tweet from the Belgian chef Kobe Desramaults which linked to a video of the American Blaine Wetzel in a weird black and white video, surrounded by fog and stroking a log, seems to have started a chain involving chefs around the world.

Australian Ben Shewry, Peruvian Virgilio Martinez, American Gabrielle Hamilton and a video featuring Desramaults first appeared and have been followed quickly by others. Daniel Humm, Daniel Patterson, Fulvio Pierangelini, Inaki AizpitarteRodolfo Guzmán and Ana Ros have all since apperead in the strange videos, Humm is seen in a blonde wig with huge glasses on his face.  

Each video ends with the words Unchain Your Log and a hashtag #LogLadies. There's also some mysterious titles such as Wonderlusting Shrewry's Wanderlogs at Large, the title for the video featuring Shewry. 

We’ve reached out to the chefs to find out what it’s all about but have received no replies. You can see all the videos below and if you have any idea what they are about, please let us know. 

Danny is Stranger Than Bowien 

Grebaut Is Looking for Mr Logbar 

The Magnus' Logged Take of Hideo Nakata's Ring 

Stupak Packs His Log 

Rene is There Something Logged in The Kingdom of Denmark?

Tosi & Chang-San Do Rosemary's Babylog 

Karime Muy Loggita 

Elton Says Daniel Is Travelling On A Log Tonight 

Mauro Has A Brand New Boner 

Burns, Fire Walks With Him

Humm...Guillaume Dustan Logs Back. 


Inaki Turns On, Logs In & Logs Out. 

Hey Rudy, Not Log Ago, Sending Out From Borago. 

Fulvio Has Logged His Heart! Has He? 

Beware, Ana is Sharpening Her Teeth 

Daniel in a Log Day Afternoon 

Log The Blame on Blaine 

The Log Desert of the Kobe 

Wonderlusting Shrewry's Wanderlogs at Large 

Beware Sister Ray, Here Comes Virgil 

Gaby Does Emily Dickinson 

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