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Chef Serves Diners 'Living Salad'

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Chef Serves Diners 'Living Salad'

A restaurant in America is taking the concept of Farm to Table to all new heights with their living salad which arrives at the table still in the soil.

This dish is comprised of a small wooden box packed with micro greens grown from seed. It’s served with some small scissors and a spray bottle of seasonal vinaigrette - allowing diners to snip and season their own salad at the table. It’s paired with organic heirloom vegetables that vary depending on what’s available from the farm.

Every box is a little different and is constantly evolving as it grows. Chef Noah Hester, who created the dish, told The Huffington Post: “I thought it would be fun. I want people to pay attention and think about what they’re eating, I like the idea of people having a hands-on experience. This way people can see it in its original form.”

The complex process of producing the boxes involves planting seeds at different times to make sure they all reach maturity at the same time. Hester said he hopes to make the dish a permanent house salad at the restaurant - perhaps the freshest salad in the world.


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