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Listen to a Live Stream of the MAD4 Symposium

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Listen to a Live Stream of the MAD4 Symposium
Photo The MAD Feed/Instagram

For the first time ever, those not attending the annual MAD Symposium in Copenhagen can still partake in the action. That's thanks to a live stream broadcast via independent radio station The Lake.

Listeners around the world simply have to visit to tune into live speeches by world renown chefs, food professionals and other experts attending the event, which is in its fourth year and has been dubbed MAD4.

Today is the last day of the two-day symposium, which is the brainchild of Noma chef René Redzepi. The event is being co-curated by Brazilian chef Alex Atala and participants will be addressing the theme ''What is Cooking?"

Unlike previous editions of the festival, this year's lineup was kept a secret until now. Atala told the New York Times this was done with a higher purpose: "We are going to surprise people with new names, even if they are shining stars in their own world but maybe are unknown in the culinary world."

Pictures on The MAD Feed's Instragram reveal a fascinating cast of characters including American chef David Chang, Italian chef Massimo Bottura, Indian cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey, legendary French chef Alain Senderens, former Le Gavroche's maître d' maitre Silvano Giraldin, and Brazilian chefs Rodrigo Oliveira, Thiago Castanho, and David Hertz.

We'll keep you posted on all the happenings at MAD4 as the events unfold. Stay tuned for more...

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