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World's First 'Livestream' Restaurant Opens in New York

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World's First 'Livestream' Restaurant Opens in New York

Has the food craze got to such a level that people want to watch other people eat? Even crazier, has the exhibitionist side of food, thanks to Instagram, got so crazy that people want to eat while they know others are watching? What would you eat, if you sat at home watching others eat? I mean, all of these are questions that you don’t really expect to ask yourself, until Live on Air opens in your hood.

Recently opened in Brooklyn, Live on Air is a restaurant that streams diners while they’re eating, in fact they’re putting a lot of hopes into an idea that makes them the world’s first live streamed restaurant.

It’s that of restauranteur Joe Barbour who apparently got the spark after watching the Truman Show - a movie in which the the main character is living inside a television show without even knowing it.

The kitchen, the dining room, special interviews and live shows from within the restaurant are all streamed live across the company’s social media channels.

Weirdly, embedding has been disabled on the restaurant's YouTube channel and many of the videos just show an many minutes of empty restaurant. 

Food is described as American with a Southern flare, it’s just up to you if you choose to dine while you’re live on air.

Live On Air 
335 Flatbush Ave,
NY 11217


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