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Fine Dining: Restaurants Fining Customers for Leftover Food

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Fine Dining: Restaurants Fining Customers for Leftover Food
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In the ongoing battle against food waste, this tactic is certain to divide opinion. It certainly gives a new meaning to 'fine dining.'

According to German Pulse, several all–you–can–eat Asian buffet restaurants in Germany have begun hitting diners with fines for leftover food in a bid to prevent them from piling their plates too high with food they won't be able to eat. One restaurant in Stuttgart called Yuoki has already raised close to 1000 euros it's reported.

Small Change

The leftover food fines themselves are only one or two euros, so how likely they are to disuade diners from piling up their food is questionable, but Guoyu Luan, Yuoki's owner, is unrepentant, saying the service is called "all-you-can-eat”, not “all-you-can-give-away”.

Leftover food app

One of the more sensible solutions to tackling food waste we've come across recently is the leftovers app Too Good to Go, which allows users to buy unused restaurant food for very cheap prices at the end of the service. The app has been making headlines worldwide.

Italy has just introduced new legislation to kill food waste

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