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Chef Who ’Spiked’ Vegans Quits Amid Threats

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Chef Who ’Spiked’ Vegans Quits Amid Threats
Photo Trip Advisor/Laura Goodman/Facebook

Earlier in the week we brought you the story of the chef in England who had caused uproar after boasting on social media about ’spiking’ vegans at her restaurant, a story that has since escalated and been picked up around the world, even by The Washington Post.

The latest news is that the chef involved, Laura Goodman, has now resigned as head chef from the Carlini restaurants she co-owns in Shropshire, with the police being called in after she allegedly received death threats.

The whole episode was sparked when Goodman posted to a closed Facebook group last weekend, suggesting that she had secretly added non-vegan products to the meals of a group of vegans who were being difficult. “Actually I should have said 'they’re' not a vegan… not 'she’s,'" she continued, also adding "Spiked a vegan a few hours ago." This resulted in the restaurant’s pages being bombarded with a slew of one star reviews, with both restaurants having to close temporarily as a result.

Pics: Metro/Facebook

According to The Independent, Goodman has since apologised and her fiancé and business partner Michael Gale has claimed that the posts were “flippant” and that in fact no non-vegan products were added to the food. The incident was sparked he says, because Goodman “had spent a lot of time designing a special vegan menu for a party, who then decided to choose something from the existing menu – one meal of which was a cheese-based pizza, which isn’t vegan friendly.”

However, Goodman has tendered her resignation and will be taking some time out according to reports, to reflect on how messing with people’s food is not the kind of thing you joke about, no matter how annoying or difficult they may be.

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