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Take A Bite Out of Laser Tattooed Fruit

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Take A Bite Out of Laser Tattooed Fruit
Photo Laserfood/Designboom

Have you ever gotten annoyed at the stickers on your fruit? Try as you might, sometimes you just can't seem to wash the residue off. But that will soon be a longone problem in Europe as new regulations call for replacing the stickers with laser tattoos.

The tattoos wil be made using a technology known as laserfood which involves marking fruit with paterns that turn colors when activated by a laser, Designboom reports. Supporters of this new technology say it is more sustainable than producing the stickers which require the use of wood, energy, water and other resources.

No worries, the fruit will remain unharmed and intact as the laser does not penetrate beneath the skin. It can virtually mark everything from kiwis to bananas. However, we wonder how it will fair with berries, grapes and other fruit without a thick peel.

Keep your eye out on your next trip to Europe so you can score one of these lovely 'inked' fruits. If you are not planning to cross the Atlantic in the near future, here's how you can tattoo a banana at home just for fun.

Via Design Boom

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