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Lady Gaga: ''We Need To Modernize'' Food TV

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Lady Gaga: ''We Need To Modernize'' Food TV
Photo Lady Gaga/Facebook

Lady Gaga has taken to Facebook to express her disappointment in the lack of healthy food shows in the United States. She told fans: ''why is there no show on food televisions in the US focused on super healthy chefs with innovative techniques. we need to modernize! know any?''

Gaga's interested in food shows should come as no surprise to fans. The songstress likes to cook and recently posted a picture of herself in the kitchen wearing sexy designer dress while sauce bubbled away on the stove.

Her inquiry garnered nearly 40,000 likes and more than 3,000 comments from fans. Some of her followers had strong opinions against food culture in the United States while others commented on the state of health in the country: ''Lady Gaga, if we have a show about healthy food...guess who is out of business? The insurance company.'' 

Some fans pointed Gaga in the direction of a few existing food shows they considered healthy like Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. To have a world renown pop artist wonder about the state of food in a nation is a clear message that health matters. What do you think Lady Gaga should do?


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