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Crucial Knife Skills for the Kitchen

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Crucial Knife Skills for the Kitchen

Knife skills: the difference between a bad chef and a good chef, the difference between someone with experience and someone without, the difference between perfectly prepped food and badly diced grub.

Perfecting solid knife skills takes years of experience and hundreds of hours practice - yes, there really is that much to learn when it comes to operating a knife in the kitchen.

Chefs pride themselves on their knife skills, on the sharpness of their blade and on how well they look after their most important tool.

To bring some of this experience to everyone, the team at How Stuff Works have produced a video detailing a number of key knife skill points.

The video looks at how to properly clean, sharpen and cut with a chef knife and throws up some clear advice, especially for those just starting out on their kitchen journey.

Don’t miss this video on what are described as the world’s best knives.

For sharpening you can't really beat the Bob Kramer video below this one. 

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