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Knife Skills: Chef Chops Blindfolded

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Knife Skills: Chef Chops Blindfolded

How good are your knife skills? Think you’re a slick slicer? Master mincer? Pro of the Paysanne? Beast of the Brunoise?

Good knife skills are one of the distinguishing characteristics of a great chef and they take years to hone (pun entirely intended). And anyone who wants to have a solid career in the kitchen should know how to chop perfectly. 

Some of the most impressive knife skills we’ve seen at FDL HQ are from chefs who have mastered the art so well they can do it with their eyes closed.

Sound crazy? Actually it’s not and a quick look at the videos below will prove it.

The video below, filmed at the NoVe Kitchen and Bar in Forida, shows Japanese chef Hiro Terada as he cuts a cucumber and onion while blindfolded.

Ok, it’s not perfectly cut but he does a pretty good job to say he can’t actually see what he’s slicing.

Take a look, though we must warn you that it’s really not something you should try yourself. 

Anyone wanted to learn about knives and different chef cuts should take a look at these charts. 

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