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6 Amazing Knife Skill Videos: These Chefs Are a Cut Above

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6 Amazing Knife Skill Videos: These Chefs Are a Cut Above
Great knife skills are fundamental to a chef. Handling it right not only differentiates a chef’s cooking but in some cases, proper technique and practice can also be the difference between life and death. If you don't believe us, just skip straight to the first video below. 
It's part of a collection of vids showing chefs as they skin, slice and chop at incredible speeds, showing technique so sharp you'll be heading to the kitchen to practice. From a Japanese sushi chef slicing up deadly Fugu to Anthony Bourdain’s essential lesson on cutting an onion at his legendary Les Halles restaurant, here are some of the sharpest knife skills on the internet. 
1. The ultimate raw delicacy in Japan, the toxic tiger pufferfish, or torafugu, can only be prepared by trained and licensed chefs. Watch this chef skin, gut and fillet a live pufferfish with the sort of speed a child uses when attacking a candy bar. 

2. This Chinese chef can make soft tofu look like lace, watermelon like lattice and other seemingly impossible creations with some dexterous flicks of his knife.
3. If anyone knows how to butcher tuna, it's the Japanese. Watch these skilled chefs fillet 40 kg of tuna with nothing going to waste. 
4. Good knife skills are not exclusive to fine dining kitchens. This compilation of cuts from around the world, both in the kitchen and the street, shows just how precise you can get with practice. 
5. For good measure, check out Anthony Bourdain at his old kitchen in the Les Halles restaurant as he goes through the basic technique of dicing an onion properly.

6. Sharp skills that pay the bills, watch as Chinese chefs show off heart surgeon precision with massise cleavers. 

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