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Can a $1 Knife Match a $1000 Knife?

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Can a $1 Knife Match a $1000 Knife?
Photo Screengrab / YouTube

Can a $1 knife match a $1000 knife? Sounds stupid right? A great knife has countless hours of craftsmanship behind it, surely – oodles of love and precision. You can’t cut corners, if you’ll excuse the pun, can you? Well, take a look at this knife sharpening video from sushi chef Jun Yoshizuki – it may force you to think again.

Yoshizuki makes YouTube cooking videos as Jun’s Kitchen, accompanied by his trusty ginger cat. In his latest video he proceeds to meticulously sharpen a $1 store-bought knife using sharpening stones in his home kitchen. See the extraordinary results for yourself below: the cheap knife cuts through food, paper and plastic with the ease you’d expect of an expensive blade.

Of course, a $1 knife won’t last you very long, especially in a professional kitchen, or stay sharp, but if anything, this knife sharpening video acutely demonstrates how important proper knife maintenance is and that you don’t have to completely break the bank in search of the right tools. Yoshizuki also gives a shout out to all round knifemaking God Bob Kramer – watch Kramer give a masterclass in how to sharpen knives in these videos.

If you’re in the market for a new knife, take a look at this new book from writer, broadcaster and restaurateur Tim Hayman and see his top tips for choosing a knife, along with some fantastic blade porn.

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