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Could Technology Kill the Chef's Knife?

By FDL on

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Could Technology Kill the Chef's Knife?

Being a good chef requires certain skills - do you understand ingredients, can you work for hours in a hot and stressful kitchen and can you use a knife.

Chefs spend hours sharpening, caring for and perfecting their knife skills but could the time come when this is not necessary - when a piece of kitchen technology replaces the chef knife?

It all seems a little far fetched for a chef not to need their knife, until you see the new concept called Blitz which plans on employing the use of laser cutting technology to chop foods in the kitchen. A device could well render the chef's knife useless.

Blitz was designed by a Russian engineer as part of the James Dyson Awards and is a small kitchen unit shaped a lot like a football. The device can take a mix of materials, from fruits to meats and chop them in multiple ways, spiral, dice and slice.

There is no information as the when the designer expects the device to be available but if the video below is anything to go by it seems that most chefs will want one in their kitchen.

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