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How to Find Peace in the Kitchen

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How to Find Peace in the Kitchen

Mindfulness and wellness have become some of newly used buzzwords of the past few years as more and more people look to find more focus and peace in the way they work.

Many corporations are sending money to send staff on specific wellness programs to help them be happier in their work and therefore more creative, more passionate and more energetic.

One of the places that this type of learning could have a big impact is the kitchen work environment: highly pressured, hot, stressful and demanding - it’s place that would benefit from mindfulness.

In fact, the topic of health and work environment within the kitchen has pushed one of the biggest shifts in kitchen culture since Escofffier designed the brigade system. It’s forcing restaurants to operate differently, to open on different time schedules, to offer different compensation for chefs and some high profile leaders, like Eric Ripert, to denounce the old ways of working and replace stressful kitchen environments with places that people happily want to work inside.

This new movement towards a more balanced work environment inside the kitchen was also on display at this year’s MAD Symposium in Denmark where ‘Mind The Gap’ was the theme and a number of speakers presented on topics relating to how kitchens are changing.

One of the these talks was hosted by meditation teacher Michael Miller who guided the audience through a basic technique that he says can help relieve stress, increase focus and create a better kitchen working environment.

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