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Kitchen Hierarchy Explained

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Kitchen Hierarchy Explained
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It's vital to know how the hierarchy in a professional kitchen is structured if you're thinking about a career in cooking and also it can be motivating to see exactly how many steps there are to get to the top.

The brigade system you find in professional kitchens was actually devised by French culinary Godfather Georges Auguste Escoffier and it changed the way food is cooked and served in restaurants.

Below, you'll find an infographic detailing the family tree of the kitchen, the main roles within it and what they involve. Then, Michel Roux Jr delves into Escoffier's brigade system in a fascinating video, and finally, we have another infographic from Lucky Peach that breaks down that brigade system further.

Hopefully this should give you a good idea of exactly how the heirarchy in a professional kitchen works and why it's needed. 

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