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Kitchen Culture Needs to Change

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Kitchen Culture Needs to Change
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As we recntly reported, Eric Ripert, the highly respected chef and co-owner of New York's three Michelin star Le Bernardin restaurant has called for a culture of calm in the kitchen. He believes shouty chefs "send out the wrong message," telling ABC News: "We shouldn’t be proud of chefs who are screaming in the kitchen ... maybe screaming and being abusive is not the right way to manage. Maybe a good leader shouldn’t be like that."

So we asked our readers for their thoughts. Is the whole angry chef routine wearing a little thin? Does a calm approach lead to a happier, more productive kitchen? The answer seems to be a resounding yes, judging by the responses we received on Facebook. See a selection of the comments below and get involved in the conversation over on our Facebook page.

Do shouty chefs send out the wrong message?

Rick Bowman
A calm kitchen is a happy kitchen. If the kitchen is all prepped for service then shouldn't be a problem. It's all about organisation

Erik Andersson
The better kitchen, the less shouting. People shout for 2 reasons: 1. They dont have total control and are insecure. 2. They are sadistic. Both makes them unfit to lead others in my opinion. I loose respect for a manager when they shout ... because it shows they dont have control.

Juan Hernandez
Yes and no because when the rest of the kitchen crew is losing focus a little bit of yelling doesn't hurt

Larry Plott
Keep calm and be a positive role model.

Craig Sight
I used to yell A LOT and I've come to realize yelling gets you nowhere. Sure your blood pressure will shoot sky high, sure it feels good, and it seems like the only way to get your point across, but it gets you nowhere. After going to culinary school and working in more organized kitchens. I've also realized that you don't need to yell if your kitchen staff are on point. If not they don't usually last long anyway. Making servers cry also turns out to be a bad idea.

Yvonne Katz
I dont shout, but expect strong discipline from staff. Coordination. If the chef runs a good happy kitchen staff are happy.

Cecilia White
No, everyone knows without a doubt what is expected of them. Nothing worse than working with a chef that mumbles or does not communicate with the front of house, except to degrade.

Melissa Hensel
I agree! But some chefs have too much ego! I spent 14 months working in a kitchen.. constantly yelled at and shouted at. In the end i shouted back ... sometimes chefs will do it to see if you can handle working in a kitchen. Because sometimes hospitality isn't a nice place to work in. But I tell ya it makes you tougher as a person.

Anthony Lauro Aman
It's all well and good coming from an executive chef who's already won his three stars.

Joaquin Farinas
Yelling in kitchens is common, it should not be common. In France, you will get yelled at. In America, probably.

Jarrad Maverick Huxtable
If you have to yell and shout in a kitchen it is a sign that either; you are not organised, you haven't invested enough time training your chefs or you haven't spent enough time researching your team! Either that or you're a drama queen that is probably more suited to being on some talent show..... X Factor all the way.....!

Melvin Joseph Bickerton

Been cooking all my life and been in the role many times, you lose respect immediately by doing this and shows you're unorganised and out of control, period.

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    Thanks for spotting! This has now been amended.

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    Love this article and totally agree, but please, the word is "lose" not "loose"

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