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Kim Jong-un's Fine Food Fascination - The Diet of a Dictator

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Kim Jong-un's Fine Food Fascination - The Diet of a Dictator

The former chef of Kim Jong-un family has revealed a little about the North Korean leader’s lavish taste in food and drink.

Kenji Fujimoto was the personal sushi chef of Kim Jon-un’s father Kim Jong-il for 13 years and at one point spent his time flying the world in the leader’s private jet abstaining expensive ingredients such as caviar from Iran, fish from Tokyo and Beijing for Big Macs.

New pictures reeled by State Media in North Korea show Kim Jon-un looking like he’s put on a few pounds and in a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Fujimoto says much of this could be down to his love of steak, sushi and Cristal champagne.

The ex sushi chef of the family claims that Kim Jong-un usually drinks two bottles of Cristal champagne in one sitting and has a crazy appetite for Swiss Emmental cheese. There are even reports that the dictator once tried to send officials on a fact finding mission to the French Culinary Institute to improve the cheese production in North Korea only to have the request rejected by the school.

It seems like Jong-un has inherited his father’s love of fine foods, a passion that’s said to have led to his sudden death in 2011 with many reports blaming high blood pressure and diabetes. Ermanno Furlanis, an Italian pizza maker for the North Korean regime in 1997 told The Mail that Jong-il was a food ‘maniac’ and that he loved pizza with salami.

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