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Kid Spends Parent's Life Savings on Candy

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Kid Spends Parent's Life Savings on Candy

In what has to be a dream day out for any young person, a Ukrainian child has spent his parent's entire life savings on candy after he managed to find their stash of cash hidden under a sofa in the family home.

The 9-year-old child was able to change the mixed currency into Ukranian hryvnas before taking all the cash and spending it on candy - it's believed the boy was helped in exchanging the currency by a man who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

The mass candy purchase was uncovered when the boy's father discovered that his secret stash of money was missing.

Apparently the child had so much candy from his haul that he had to share it with friends to disguise the evidence. The parents say they are very angry with their child for what he has done and police say there is little chance of having any of the money returned.



Via Gawker

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