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Watch Kevin Spacey Out-Swear Gordon Ramsay

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Watch Kevin Spacey Out-Swear Gordon Ramsay
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There aren't many people with a fouler mouth than Gordon Ramsay, but actor Kevin Spacey makes even Ramsay blush in the funny clip below.

In it we see Ramsay and Spacey grilling up some outdoor treats and verbally sparring off each other, or to put it another way, who can say f*** more often and the loudest.

And it's Spacey that comes out on top, with Ramsay complementing the Oscar-winning actor on his curse game. 

The clip is a teaser from the US version of The F Word, which premieres on 31 May. Ramsay also recently released another clip to promote the show, filmed in a fictional Gordon Ramsay's Academy of Kitchen Outrage, where Ramsay teaches eager pupils how to insult food. 

It's not big and it's not clever, but it sure is funny. Watch the clip with Spacey below. 

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