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Guy Hilariously Ruins People's Instagram Food Shots

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Guy Hilariously Ruins People's Instagram Food Shots

If you hate to see people Instagramming food in restaurants it can be excrutiating watching someone trying to get the perfect shot. You just want to get your knife and fork and mess up their perfect plate right? 

Well one guy has filmed himself doing just that and it's not only hugely satisfying to watch, but hilarious too, even if you're usually the one with the camera. 

Social media star Kevin Freshwater posted the video below on his Instagram food page a few days ago and it's since gone viral, with over 220,000 views and over 1000 comments. 

What makes it extra funny is watching the people in the video trying really hard to hide their disappointment at the loss of some serious Gram points. 

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If you search for more of Freshwater's videos on YouTube, you'll see he loves to annoy strangers – luckily the people featured here all appear to be his friends, but maybe that's the next video? Strangers probably won't be so forgiving however. 

Watch below 


How to ruin people's Insta pics 😂 (tag someone you would do this to haha)

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