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What Does Kevin Bacon Smell Like? 'Bacon'

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What Does Kevin Bacon Smell Like? 'Bacon'
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We love what James Corden and his team have done with The Late Late Show: Carpool Karaoke, Drop the Mic – they’re making some of the most enjoyable and shareable television content around. Indeed, in a recent interview in The Guardian, the show’s producer Ben Winston admits that he checks YouTube hits in the morning before ratings.

'Bacon' by Bacon

Here’s their latest sure to be smash hit: a parody of a pretentious cologne commercial featuring Corden and the actor Kevin Bacon. What’s the name of the fragrance? ‘Bacon’ of course. The commercial’s perfectly pitched, from the interpretive dance to the white linen shirts and beige chinos. Bacon is “the only smell that captures the essence of both your favorite cured meat and favorite actor,” according to the show’s YouTube channel.


So far it’s got over 160,000 views. Will it be as successful as Corden’s previous mock commercial with David Beckham, which has notched–up over 10 million? Well, that was for underwear and featured David Beckham so you do the math. Regardless, it’s a laugh out loud watch.

Bacon (the actor) of course, has got form for this kind of thing, previously appearing in a tongue-in-cheek advert for the American Egg Board.

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