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Chef Creates Ketchup Leather to Solve Soggy Burgers

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Chef Creates Ketchup Leather to Solve Soggy Burgers

We’ve all been there, picking up a burger only to discover that the ketchup had rendered the bottom bread - the foundation of your meaty tower - a soggy mess and sour excuse for support. You try to eat it desperately as the bread crumbles and falls apart in your fingers - for me, it’s enough to ruin the whole experience.

The problem of ketchup making burger bread soggy is one issue that Ernesto Uchimura, chef at LA restaurant Plan Check, thinks he has a solution for.

In a search for burger perfection Uchimura decided to take away ketchup from his burger and instead replace it with what he calls tomato leather, a perfectly formed square a tomato goodness.

It’s made by dehydrating the usual ketchup recipe from the restaurant and apparently works much better as it only starts to melt when a ht burger has been placed on top of it.

Take a look at the chef knocking up a fresh batch of his tomato leather.

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