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UK Government Proposes a Ban on Junk Food Adverts

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UK Government Proposes a Ban on Junk Food Adverts

In an interesting move to try and tackle the growing problem of childhood obesity the UK Government may ban junk food adverts from appearing on television before 9pm - the current watershed cut off.

The proposal comes after researchers looking at advertising on television found that shows ad breaks for shows like the x-factor - which has a massive young audience - where packed with junk food promotions.

It’s expected the government will propose the new plans later this month will receive widespread backing from the public but obvious criticism from broadcasters who could be set to loose millions of pounds in revenue if the idea is accepted.

Speaking about the idea and their own survey which found that three-quarters of adults in the UK would support a junk food ad ban, Alison Cox, a director at Cancer Research UK, said: “Children are bombarded by advertising tailored to tempt them with pretty colours and cartoons, which all influence the food they prefer.”

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