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José Andrés Will Expand To Fast Food

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José Andrés Will Expand To Fast Food
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Spanish celebrity chef José Andrés has announced plans to expand his culinary empire to the fast food world.

Andrés, who owns a slew of upscale restaurants across the United States and Puerto Rico,  told Vanity Fair he plans to dip into fast-food territory in the next year and a half or so.

"I believe there’s an opportunity for chefs to have more of a say in how we’re going to feed the vast majority of this planet. You achieve that through the fast-food restaurants. I guarantee you that in the next 10 to 20 years we are going to see more and more fast-food restaurants lead by chefs," he said.

When asked why he's interested in fast-food in general, Andrés cited Chipotle's Steve Ells and celebrity chef Bobbly Flay as pioneers in the field. "Who do you prefer, a clown organizing your menu—with all due respect to Mr. McDonald—or a chef? I do believe it’s a very simple answer."

It remains to be seen whether Andrés will collaborate with a fast-food giant or establish his own chain of restaurants. Stay tuned for more as the story develops.

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