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Comedian Relives Hilarious First Meal

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Comedian Relives Hilarious First Meal

Do you remember the first time you dined alone or with friends in a restaurant? Do you have a vivid memory of the best meal of your life?

The comedian John Mulaney remembers both of these situations very well, mainly because they’re part of the same scenario but also because the story relating to his first and best ever meal has become of his most popular jokes.

Mulaney recalls how, at around 11-years-old, he and his friend went to the local diner, loaded the Jukebox with all the money in their pockets and proceeded to choose Tom Jone’s What’s New Pussy Cat to play over and over again.

The hilarious situation that unfolded left a lasting memory on a young comedian who now rejoices in reliving the story in front of his audiences.

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