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Watch John Legend Sing Gordon Ramsay’s Best Insults

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Watch John Legend Sing Gordon Ramsay’s Best Insults
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Love him or loathe him, you have to admit: Gordon Ramsay has some cracking putdowns in his arsenal. There's the classic ‘donkey’ – so simple, and yet so devastating – the brilliant 'idiot sandwich,' which is actually from a comedy sketch, but still, plus others that are considerably less polite. They’ve been turned into memes and rack up tons of hits on YouTube.

Last week singer John Legend stopped by The Nightly Show, which Ramsay was guest hosting, to bash out a few tunes with a difference – the lyrics were all based on Ramsay insults.

It’s pretty hilarious, but how do Ramsay’s jibes sound when sung? Does it take the sting out of them? Actually no, if anything it makes them sound even more sinister and threatening.

Ramsay joins in for the final ditty, and he’s certainly no singer. Stick to your multitude of day jobs please Gordon.

Watch below, but be warned, it does contain strong language.

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