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Joe Biden's Surprising Junk Food Diet

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Joe Biden's Surprising Junk Food Diet
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How did U. S. Vice President Joe Biden gear up for last week's debate? Apparently, he filled up on junk food before facing opponent Paul Ryan, who is known to be a health nut.

Hours before the debate Biden loaded up on animal crackers, M&Ms, coffee, tea and Gatorade before going on stage to debate politics ahead of the November election, according to the Huffington Post. In the days leading up the last week's debate, America's vice president also enjoyed pasta and sandwiches.

Why would Biden indulge in the same foods First Lady Michelle Obama campaigns against? Although fresh fruits and vegetables have been shown to improve health, it seems Biden wanted to indulge in carbs to be energized for the debate.

Did his junk food binge work? That's debatable. However, the vice president was visibly aggresive at the debate and kept interrupting his younger opponent.

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