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Japanese Man Wanted to Eat Mayonnaise - Pay $1,500

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Japanese Man Wanted to Eat Mayonnaise - Pay $1,500
Photo Paul Stainthorp

In what has to be one of the strangest food job postings we've heard of in a while RocketNews24 reports that a Japanese company is offering applicants the chance to earn just over $1,500 for eating mayonnaise.

The job was posted on a Japanese forum called 2channel and calls for a healthy Japanese man between the age of 20-45 to eat an unspecified amount of mayonnaise and submit five cholesterol readings.

The job has not been verified and the little information available about the offer does leave you to wonder just how the 'lucky' winner is expected to ingest said mayonnaise.

We just can't imagine enjoying a spoonful, maybe more, of mayonnaise but we're certain it will be the dream job for someone.

How about you, would you eat spoonfuls of mayonnaise for $1,500?



Via Food Beast

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