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Watch Jiro Ono Blow Bourdain's Mind with His Super Jiro Sushi

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Watch Jiro Ono Blow Bourdain's Mind with His Super Jiro Sushi
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We'd love to be in Anthony Bourdain's shoes in the video below, which sees the globetrotting author and broadcaster pay a visit (in 2008, we think) to the famous Sukiyabashi Jiro sushi restaurant in Tokyo. He's served a three Michelin star, 15-course tasting menu in just 20 minutes by the sushi master himself, Jiro Ono.

Bourdain is clearly blown away as he works his way through the incredible food and describes it as "the best sushi experience of my life."

Jiro Sushi 

Jiro's sushi is special, every course is delivered at the perfect time and at the optimum temperature, pre-dressed – no chopsticks, no extra soy or wasabi, just straight into the mouth and a one way ticket to Jiro Ono's sushi heaven. Bourdain has since described Jiro Ono's food as his dream 'final meal.'

This is just one of the great meals Bourdain has enjoyed over the years making his various TV shows, including at elBulli and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Watch Bourdain munch his way through perfect umi, flounder and sea eel below. 

Jiro Ono's 12-step guide to eating sushi

Jiro Ono's Perfect Points for Sushi. 


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