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This Noodle Bar in New York Just Got a Michelin Star

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This Noodle Bar in New York Just Got a Michelin Star
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America now has its first ever Michelin-starred noodle bar and it can be found in New York.

JeJu Noodle Bar is a Korean restaurant specializing in ramyun, a deep broth based dish that's packed with noodles, eggs, vegetables and meat: a lot like ramen.

The kitchen is operated and owned by chef Douglas Kim who trained at some of New York's best restaurants, including Per Se, Nobu and Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare.

Michelin said "the kitchen's concise number of unique items at a steal of a price will hit the spot." And they're right, a bowl of perfectly executed rayman is priced between $14-$17.50, though you can add uni or opt for truffle options that are priced higher.

The restaurant also does a wonderful brunch offering with a seven course tasting menu costing $42.

Take a look at some of their beautiful dishes and be sure to watch Kim explain his cuisine in the interview below.


Miyuk Ramyun: Vegetable Broth, Braised Seaweed, White Onion, Confit Mushroom “Nah Mul” Style, Garlic Plankton Oil & (Optional) Sea Urchin.

Cha Ramyun - Chicken Broth, Braised Wagyu Briskets, Jalapeño, Enoki mushroom, Scallions, sesame, Jalapeño oil. 

Chicken wings, crudites, pickle, umami salt and JeJu dip.  

Ssam Buns- Braised Pork Belly, White Kimchi, Corn, Jalapeño & Ssam glaze.

So Ramyun: Veal broth, brisket, scallion, pickled garlic, garlic oil. 

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