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Hilarious Chef's Table Parody Returns

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Hilarious Chef's Table Parody Returns

Jeff's Table, the fun Chef's Table parody from the guys over at Food Beast, is back for another run of four episodes.

The spoof fetaures a Mr Average called Jeff who likes to prepare the mosts basic of foods – PB & J sandwiches, waffles, chocolate milk, etc – in the style of the famous chefs that feature on Netflix's Chef's Table.

Food Beast have nailed the Chef's Table-isms, from the music, to the camera angles, to the fonts. Jeff has got some pretty deep food wisdom to share with you too (not really).

The first of the new batch of episodes focuses on cup noodles: as Jeff says, "Sometimes, three minutes can feel like a lifetime." Don't forget to head on over to Food Beast for more episodes in the series coming soon. 

See more details about the latest season of Chef's Table and read our interview with director David Gelb here.


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