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Comedian Adds Hilarious Shopping Tips to Store Labels

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Comedian Adds Hilarious Shopping Tips to Store Labels

We’ve already had the phantom wine labeller and now one person in America is taking it further with this collection of hilarious shopping tips.

The comical advice is being left by the comedian Jeff Wysaski who has been making that trip to the store a whole lot more fun.

“Stay warm in the freezer aisle by rubbing up against other shoppers” reads one tip, while another could get you in trouble with the lover in your life - “Accidentally buy the potato chops your spouse doesn’t like so you don’t have to share”.

It seems that Wysaski is somewhat of a serial labeller, he recently decided to rename colours in a hardware store and even added new pet options at a pet store. You can see more of his work on his Pleated Jeans website.

For now, sit back and enjoy these funny store tips. We suggest you avoid his crazy spaghetti chat up line, unless  you really want to be that guy trying to get some gnocchi in the pasta aisle. 


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