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Japanese Chef Has Crazy Knife Skills

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Japanese Chef Has Crazy Knife Skills

We love featuring the amazing knife skills of Japanese chefs on Fine Dining Lovers and this latest example might just be the best yet.

Japanese Twitter user @Zoe_Aisheteru posted the image below, of a whole daikon radish carved into an impossible daikon chain, online last weekend. The caption reads: “The head chef gave me this daikon he cut up for fun because he was bored lol”; it’s since been shared over 55k times, with nearly 70k likes.


So how did the unnamed Japanese chef do it? Well, the video below, featuring a different Japanese chef, offers a step-by-step guide, not that makes it any easier of course. The chef stars by trimming down the radish and gets down to meticulously carving out the remaining core with a scalpel.

Check out more crazy knife skills from a Japanese chef in the video further down and if you’d rather cook daikon radish than carve it, here are five daikon radish recipes to try.

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