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Watch Jamie Oliver Awkwardly Relive Paella-Gate

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Watch Jamie Oliver Awkwardly Relive Paella-Gate
Photo BBC/Screengrab/YouTube

You may remember a couple of month’s back Jamie Oliver got in some serious hot water for tweeting a recipe (below) for paella that included chorizo. There was uproar amongst Spanish social media users: the dish was called an “abomination” and Oliver, only half-jokingly, a “terrorist.”

Well, spare a thought for poor Jamie, as this week he had to relive the whole sorry saga on our TV screens. The chef, activist and restaurateur swung by The Graham Norton Show, where actors Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt joined him on the sofa, and Norton couldn’t resist bringing the incident up, parading some of the best angry tweets directed at Oliver.

Oliver looks incredibly awkward and visibly angry at points, perhaps because, as he points out, Paella-Gate overshadowed the work he was doing at the time with the Canadian administration to tackle childhood obesity in the country.

Watch him squirm below – he can’t resist one last swipe though, insisting that in fact, paella does taste better with the addition of chorizo.

Jamie Oliver tries and fails to make the world’s rarest pasta


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