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Italian Ingredients Heading to Space

By FDL on

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Italian Ingredients Heading to Space

Around six astronauts currently orbiting the Earth in the onboard the International Space Station are enjoying special Italian space food prepared in a factory located in Turin. 

Argotec - who have a lot of experience in producing meals for astronauts - have developed a range of luxury, as far as space goes, meals.

The Guardian have a detailed report on some of the great lengths the team will take to ensure the tastiest possible food makes it to space - even picking apples that have a very particular pH level to help with preservation and flavour.

Argotec have also teamed up with the Slow Food to help them locate new Italian ingredients to send up to space - something that apparently pleases the first ever Italian women in Space, Samantha Cristoforetti, who is said to be a big foodie.


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