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This Italian Chef Says He Wants to Kill All Vegans

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This Italian Chef Says He Wants to Kill All Vegans
Photo Gianfanco Vissani/Facebook

Chef Gianfranco Vissani is no fan of the softly, softly approach it seems. The Italian chef has compared veganism to a sect and says he would “kill them [vegans] all.”

Vissani made the remarks on Italian cooking show In Onda. According to The Independent. The Italian TV chef claimed that “Vegans are like a sect, they’re like Jehovah’s Witnesses. What would I do with vegans? I’d kill them all.”

Chef Davide Oldani, who was also on the show, reportedly rubbished Vissani’s comments.


Veganism is a hot topic in Italy currently. Politician Elvira Savino of the Forza Italia party recently proposed that parents who impose vegan diets on their children should face jail, following a string of high profile cases involving malnourished kids.

Chef Gordon Ramsay is also famously no fan of veganism, making the tongue in cheek claim that he is allergic to vegans.

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