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Gastronomy and Food Science Journal Wants Chef Contributions

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Gastronomy and Food Science Journal Wants Chef Contributions

The third edition of the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science has just been published with features from chefs like Massimo Bottura alongside scientists like Mike Rodgers, a professor at The Department of Food Science in Rutgers University, New Jersey.

The journal was started at the Mugaritz restaurant by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz alongside AZTI (a technology centre that specialises in food research) and the Basque Culinary Centre. It’s aim is to build stronger lines of communication between chefs and scientists.

The latest journal covers a number of interesting topics. Bottura himself talks about how scientific knowledge has helped develop the classic Italian dish Bolito Misto. Chef Will Goldfarb, who worked at elBulli, explains how science and art combine across four of his desserts.

Scientific entries comes from Mike Rogers and Alejandro Marangoni who is a researcher for the Tier1 Canada Research Chair for Food, Health and Aging. There is also a paper on the “Effect of Highly Aerated Food on Expected Satiety” - with researchers Juan Carlos Arboleya and Marux Garcia-Quiroga working alongside Chef Adruriz to test their theories.

The team behind the publication are also looking for chefs to get involved by “conceiving culinary projects that nurture the relationship between cooking, science and research and documenting these projects as an article.”

Anyone wishing to submit an idea or a paper can do so using with and here's the guidelines for submissions. 

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