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Which City Has the Most Instagrammed Food Pics?

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Which City Has the Most Instagrammed Food Pics?

Ever wondered where the most Instagram food snaps are taken? Probably not, not many people do, except those working at Photoworld who have produced an interactive map that shows exactly where certain food pics are taken.

By tapping into the data of Instagram, Photoworld have managed to produce an interactive map that shows certain foods such as burger or bratwurst and where the majority of pics containing those hashtags are taken.

London comes out on top for Pulled Pork and Burger pics while New York is riding high on bacon snaps. It’s totally useless information and large populations obviously have an affect on the results with the map stating that “the number of pizza tags in New York is greater than in Naples, Rome, Milan and Bologna put together”.

However crazy some of the results, it’s fun to have a play and interesting to see things like Xiaolongbao getting more posts outside of Asia than inside.

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