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Instagram: 12 Food and Drink Trends of Summer 2016

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Instagram: 12 Food and Drink Trends of Summer 2016

As the summer starts to fade we reminisce on some of the food and drink trends that became Instagram hits in 2016, and take a look through rose tinted glasses at the good, the not so good and the forgettable. From coffee in a cone to sushi donuts, we'll let you be the judge, was it just summer madness or are they here to stay? ...

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12 Food and Drink Instagram Summer Trends

First up is sushi, which had it's moments of re-invention and artistic interpretation in the summer sun.

1. Mosaic Sushi got instagrammers excited across Japan and made lunchtime a veritable feast for the eyes. Perfectly jigsawed together with appealing shapes and colours turned out sushi was the ideal building block of a perfectly packed lunch.

2. Still on a theme, Sushi Donuts swept across instagram re-inventing sushi rice into rings with selected toppings.


Sushi Donut Dreamin' 🦄 #vegantA photo posted by SAM (@sobeautifullyraw) on

3. Still talking donuts, they became the must have Wedding cake artistically attached artistically to the 'donut wall' ...  "I do".

4. Whilst avocados got a bad press for deforestation, on instagram they came up smelling of roses, with the pristine looking Avocado Rose.

5. Those on a carb free diet were happy to hear that  burger buns had been replaced with avocado Burger Buns. Slightly messier, but oh so instagrammable.

6. Croissants were stuffed and got an upgrade that went from red velvet to black truffle.

7. Coffee lovers had to drink their cup of joe against the clock in the hazardous 'coffee in a cone craze.'

8. Blue Monday was made all the more poignant with Blue Smurf Lattes becoming the 'it' vegan drink.


Bada BLUE bada BING!!! @the_nature_of_us beating the Monday blues with our blue smurf lattes 💙💙💙 Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend xxx

A photo posted by M A T C H A // M Y L K B A R (@matcha_mylkbar) on

9. For those finding summer too hot to handle help was at hand with rosé turned into an alcoholic slushie.

10. The Raindrop/Water cake promised us a low calorie dessert experience. For many it led to an unsatisfying yet snappable dessert.


Come try the newest Raindrop Cake addition #raindropcake #smorgasburg

A photo posted by Darren Wong (@raindropcake) on

11. Instagram went through the colours of the rainbow when it came to coffee, bagels, toasties and even sushi was multicolour.

12. Gold coated ice-cream was the gelato bling that arrived in Japan.



A video posted by 林芊吟 (@vicky84101) on




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